Representation and mediation of war and conflict


In today’s global media world, conflict and war are visible everywhere, competing even with entertainment in capturing our attention. Images of war and conflict are produced and published by soldiers, war criminals, activists, terrorists, civilians, victims and eyewitnesses. Through different online platforms and social networks, these images have the potential to reach out to as big an audience as the corporate news channels, and often also end up there. We all have the necessary equipment and knowledge not only to produce photographs documenting our own experiences, but also to publish them to a wide audience and edit or manipulate imagery in order to convey a certain point of view.


In issue # 4 we ask what should the role of the war photographer be in the media environment of today? What kind of imagery do we need to see in order to increase our understanding of current events? Do we need ever-more violent imagery to learn about the cruelties of war? As our ethical limits to what can be published increase with every new conflict, as we are confronted with videos of executions, the mutilated bodies of children, what is left to shock us? How can the professional photographer contribute best with imagery that will inform us, educate us, challenge us and give us a better understanding of contemporary situations?



Annelys de Vet

Disarming Design from Palestine

Emeric Lhuisset

Theatre of War


Cristoph Bangert 

In between the horror and humiliation of war

 - a conversation with Cristoph Bangert

by Nina Toft

WARNING ! potentially disturbing images


point-and-shoot memory

 - a conversation with Anouk Kruithof

by Silja Leifsdottir, Fotogalleriet

the kings peace

realism and war

Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

curators Kirsten Lloyd and Owen Logan

notes on tiff

by Nina Toft


Debris Fanzine in Ny Tid/modern times



Debris have started a collaboration with the Norwegian weekly radical newspaper Ny Tid/ Modern Times as they have relaunched in a broadsheet format with a new editor and a broader international focus.

We will present the column Image of the Week at the back of the newspaper starting wednesday 11th March