For this issue of Debris we have decided to use the fanzine as a platform for screening video. We have chosen three video works that all deal with contemporary issues and complex problems, but apply very different methods and visual approaches. Margarida Paiva juxtaposes her beautifully filmed improvisations with actors ,with real interviews with women who have killed.  Ayman AlAzraq uses himself and his own personal experience as a pivot point for the Oslo Agreement, its intentions and consequences for the Palestinian people. Tanya Busse and Emilija Skarnulytes film dwells on the  images long enough for us to contemplate the issues facing the new geo-political north.

In an extension of Nina Toft’s conversation with Truls Lie in this issue, Lie is showing his new film Mads Gilbert on Gaza. Gilbert was recently banned from Gaza by the Israeli government because of his outspokenness and his viewpoints on the conflict.

All four films will screen every Sunday in December.



Oslo Syndrom

06:39, 2013, HD video

Ayman AlAzraq


Hollow earth

08:15, 2013, HD video

Emilija Skarnulyte and Tanya Busse

I Will Hurt You Before You Hurt Me

19:30, 2013, HD video


Margarida Paiva


When Something is at Stake – a Conversation with Truls Lie on Film and Reality

by Nina Toft 


Looking back, looking forward: The Photobookmuseum Cologne - Stage 1: The Carlswerk edition

by Stephanie von Spreter, Fotogalleriet

Notes on Paris Photo

by Nina Toft