I was struck by the simple observation that if you want to know something about reality today, the chances are that you would learn more by going to an art gallery than reading a newspaper
— Stefan Jonson, The Integrity of Reality, seminar at Fotogalleriet 10. Jan 2011


In this first issue of Debris Fanzine, we present three artists: Andreas Bennin, Hege Dons Samset and Maiken Stene, who in very different ways work with representations of the landscape. They have in common a concern with man’s intervention into nature, posing questions in relation to how we live with or in opposition to nature. It is intriguing to see how they all challenge the representation of nature as image – the landscape. Applying different strategies and approaches to the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of the landscape, their three projects interact in unexpected ways, proposing alternative directions for the landscape image.



Andreas Bennin

A Nation  Restored


Hege Dons Samset

Silk Work

Maiken Stene

This Land Is Your Land/This Land Is My Land

Thomas Haugersveen

A Picture I never got published


Stephanie von Spreter, Director, Fotogalleriet

On Dayanita Singh's Living "Museum" Structures


On Synnøve G Wettens recent exhibition HOW 


Objektiv #9 out now!

We titled this issue Archive Art in order to look into how different artists work with archive.