Debris is a net-based fanzine about photography.

Photography has a strong reference to reality, - our aim is to discuss the potential of photography to convey contemporary society and the world around us, outside of the political and economical direction taken by the mass media. 

We will have a focus on artists and photographers presenting their own projects and wish to be a cross-disciplinary platform for photographers working in different fields, visual arts, journalism and fashion.

We call it a fanzine because it reflects our own enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for photography and art. 

Debris Fanzine is a work in progress that will develop its form from publication to publication. It is important that we who contribute to this publication keep on enjoying working with it and do it from the core of our own passion. Debris shall remain in constant flux,  -evolving along with us.

We are very happy to be collaborating with Objektiv to provide this new and supplementary platform for photography and art. And we are also very happy to have Fotogalleriet as a regular contributor. 

We look forward to work with Debris and hope you will like it!




TOFT  HONERUD is an artist-duo consisting of Hilde Honerud and Nina Toft. They have been collaborating since 2010.



Editors Nina Toft and Hilde Honerud

Debris Fanzine is in collaboration with the journal Objektiv

Regular contributor Fotogalleriet

Debris Fanzine is supported by Nofofo, -norsk fotografisk fond and Fritt Ord

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